Asking me to talk about myself is really not a great Idea, because like they all Say it “I let my Pictures do the talking on my behalf”.

Born and brought up in the City of Bollywood Mumbai, Fashion,Glamour & Movies has a been a part of my growing up days, from an Extremely young age all that I understood was Technology, Computers, & Cameras, at the age when kids used to Study, all I did was Study Camera, blessed with a Dslr at 17 & like every other Sindhi father my Dad put me on a Play ground to Click,Capture, fail & then learn was my only way to learn Photography.

My approach to Photography hasn’t been from any School or Institute, my best teacher has been my Experience and my Curiosity to always learn more, Over the years I discovered a Strange love of Capturing Stories through my Stills, Its not always important to capture Beauty, or Click Beautiful Pictures, to me its very important to capture the Emotion of my Actors, to Capture the real Essence of a Product, or know exactly what my End Consumer is looking for…Its a Deeper thought which goes behind Producing each Image.

People often ask my whose my biggest Competition, I straight away look at the last Click I did, each morning I strive to do better than my last shoot... With a eye of Detail, Inspiring Spirit, Spontaneous Creativity & a lot of hardwork is the real magic to my art of Photography.

I am a crazy Bollywood Buff, Completely inspired by the new age Cinema I try and Evolve with years going by, I let my Stills be natural or Ambient, edited but not plastic, Real but not perfect..My stills make me want to be story teller in the coming years and thats my next step to Life, I personally feel I haven’t explored much But I want my love for Camera to take me places & make me narrate the untold Stories through Stills & Motions.

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