Client Diaries With Preetika Rao

Preetika, earlier known to me more as Amrita’s sister, is now a dear friend and a regular at our offices. I’ve shot with her 3 times now and each time, a new side of her personality shows itself. From the quiet girl at parties to the mischievous, bright-eyed gal you’ll see in her photographs, Preetika is one of the most open and understanding people I’ve had the chance of working with. She has also extended her friendly courtesy to say a few things about my work and our time together:-

“There is an unsaid chemistry that I share with Luv Israni. He is very quick and understanding with the way I would like to be photographed and it just works. I love the comfort that we share and what I like the most about him is that he is a very talented photographer. He has a vision and it really shows! So when he clicks you, you see the picture and then you suddenly see something else altogether that you have not been seeing as an artist and that is something I really love about him.”

Such admiring words, Preetika! If I haven’t had the chance to thank you enough for them already, I’d love to take this opportunity to tell you how full my heart feels after your words.

It’s a pleasure working with Preetika because she accepts experimenting and allows me to play with her looks as is evident through her pictures. In my personal experience; creative license is one of the biggest gifts a client could offer their photographer and our multiple work experiences say something about that.

To put it in a nutshell, we share a great professional bond and hold mutual respect for each other’s work. We’d both love to work together again on future projects; so here’s to more interesting times and experiences to come!

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