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Yet another Hitansh catalog with the very gorgeous Karishma Kapoor. On the 23rd of this month we shot an exclusive range of saari’s for Hitansh Fashions’ up and coming catalog, The Royal Collection. I have been wanting to shoot a catalog out of Mumbai specially with Hitansh for a long time now. We finally did exactly that. This time our very esteemed client said, ‘Let’s do something grand’. 

We conducted a recce, looking for something to match our taste and also that would help compliment the grandeur of his niche traditional range of designer saari’s. We knew it had to have a ‘wow’ factor to it. It had to be something high end. Having Karishma on board again made it so much more important to look for and find some place that could enhance her already existing aura and take it to an untouched level in our books. 

Competition is best when had with oneself. It is what makes you grow by leaps and bounds. 

Eventually our wish got granted a little away from Mumbai, a beautiful resort built like a palace. It seemed like we were in the pink city of India, Jaipur. The extravagance of the venue was enthralling.  We had around 16 garments which we shot at 16 different locations at the venue. With the lovely cooperation of Karishma, we managed to pull the shoot off in 1 day instead of the estimated 2 days. Every time I shoot with her, it’s been great because she has been an amazing support. I had a team of 40 people with me working on it. We started shoot early morning and went on till late at night.  It was an effort but the result was extremely satisfying. My post production team is working on the edit currently and we are all waiting to see the final catalog. But before that, I have for you, a few behind the scene pictures….. Hope you enjoy them..

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