A very exciting 4 day shoot with the very hot and sizzling Sherlyn Chopra. This time I don’t have just my take on the photo shoot but also my dear friend, Sherlyn’s.

For her it was more like a crazy vacation! With 5 pre-planned looks per day, she was extremely happy with the thoughtful execution. When asked if she prefers outdoor shoots over indoor, she says, “I personally love to shoot outdoor as I love the natural light. Also, I love being surrounded by the elements of nature which bring out the best in my body language.”

As a fashion photographer among many others in this industry, it is challenging to live up to each artist’s varied expectations. Sherlyn’s shoot left me with a sense of accomplishment. Over and above that to receive compliments is like the icing on the cake.

She said, “I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with Luv. He works at his own pace and does not rush which works quite well for me as I like to be given ample time to understand the moods required for different concepts. Generally, at the time of photo shoots, the make-up, hair and the styling takes a lot of time, leaving the photographer and the artist very little time to explore each look or concept. But, not so with Luv as he likes to indulge in meticulous planning that leads to the smooth execution of his creative thoughts.

She spoke well for even my team, reaffirming their strong training and ability to handle shortcomings and uncertainties both at outdoor and indoor locations. To be a one man army is strength but to be a man with an army, that is good, is a bigger achievement I feel.

 A smooth shoot overall. Believing in quality and not quantity is something that surely went down well with Ms. Chopra’s shoot. Effortless and organic, is what Sherlyn’s thinks it was. In fact we are also planning to do a 5th day shoot soon.

At the end of the day, what works well with them works better than well for me! In other situations, I continue to learn. 

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