It has been long since I have been wanting to do 2 things. One, write my new blog and the other, make a calendar with my photographic skills. So here is a combination of both.This year, 2015, I complete 10 years of being in the photography industry. A good reason to showcase my photographic skills to the masses. I wanted to take my work to the next level. So I thought what better a way than to have a calendar to portray exactly that. 

This calendar is an amalgamation of my work over the past year. It is a string of female celebrities in their traditional avatars. When asked why I chose to go Indian instead of glam sham, I have just one thing to say, to be grounded and rooted to our culture is something I wanted to bring out from my calendar for 2015. Indian women dressed that way, look the most appealing to me. Not that the western blingy diva is not my choice but yes, preferences’ still lie deeply in the draped bhartiya naari. 

My calendar has few of my favorite female actors from the industry. They are not just celebrities, but are also good friends today. I have also used designer ethnic garments from Surat based brands and other designer collections too. Each shot clicked has been special to me. Trying to add a zing to every snap has been my motive.

Every month has a new role to play in one’s life. With 365 days in a year you have that many memories that you want to make and etch in your hearts for the rest of your life. Hoping that this calendar is a motivation to go out there every day and make it a fruitful one with fun-filled experiences and loads of learning and growth.

Hoping that with each month’s release of my calendar page, you unfurl a new aspect in your life too. Wishing you great success, happiness and prosperity in the year that has only just begun and is soon flying, 2015…….

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